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The Midnight Tangerine Shacket

The Midnight Tangerine Shacket

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Sometimes people call a shirt jacket, a shacket. Sounds strange to me. Maybe I just haven't been exposed to to the term shacket enough. But just because I don't use the term myself, doesn't mean I would judge someone else for using it. So don't tell me I don't love you God damnit. Don't tell me I don't love you with all my heart.

Without further ado - the midnight tangerine shacket ladies and gentlemen.

Lovely piece of 90s does 70s vintage. They must have been going for authenticity because the textile and details are very groovy indeed. Print is diagonal on cuffs and at the top of pockets. High quality construction. 

Made In Canada

75% Polyester

25% Cotton

Pit to pit 19"

Length 24"

Sleeve Inseam 18"

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